How We Work

We help CEOs, CFOs and their management teams prepare to meet the media and analysts at results, for capital markets days, for product launches or major media profile interviews where we will sense-check content and road-test the messages with the benefit of an outside ear. We help ensure the story is distinct and persuasive and that questions have answers that are tangible and that resonate with your audiences.

When Novartis launched its Meningitis B vaccine in Europe, together with the communications team we undertook a programme of media training to ensure that their CEO and all their spokespeople were ready to communicate on the launch of this break-through product and also that they were crisis-prepared.

You may have a major presentation or pitch coming up which can be both daunting and exhilarating. We can rehearse your story with you, giving positive and insightful feedback which will help you make the most of the opportunity both on a company and personal level. First impressions really do count and we are on hand to help guide you through managing the nerves and dealing with the audience Q&A.

Fund raising and IPOs are a critical part of a company's progression and over the years we have worked with the senior management teams of many now successfully-listed businesses to help ensure their story was consistent, clear and convincing.

As former journalists we can help edit the over-arching story; distil the key messages; we can hear the repetition and the gaps in the story and, importantly, we can help ensure the delivery is congruent with the content.

Your success is our passion.

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