Media Training

A media interview can be an invaluable opportunity to establish yourself as a leader in your field. Good publicity for the company through a well-handled encounter can put you in charge of the agenda and fend off critics. A poor performance can damage reputations and escalate a crisis.

We want to make sure the authority and control you exhibit in the corporate world is transferred to the television studio or the phone interview with a print journalist.

The key to a successful outcome is preparation: What must you say? How can you say it in a persuasive way? How does it sound? How is it received? All of our trainers have worked on the front line of national news events – in both print and broadcast. We know at firsthand what curve-balls you will face because we have delivered them to leading executives and politicians over the past twenty years.

Our sessions are flexible, practical and pragmatic. We work on developing a compelling message to deal with the issue at hand. Then we test it out through a series of filmed interviews and detailed, constructive feedback. We can put you through telephone print interviews and live or pre-recorded broadcast interviews depending on your needs.


We offer media training courses for up to four people (half day) or six to eight people (full day) with a professional camera operator or in a TV studio.

Each session includes:
  • How to engage with a journalist from any media background
  • Briefing on how the journalist & newsroom work/ pressure and deadlines
  • How to handle those difficult questions
  • Leading rather than being led
  • Dealing with aggression or hostility
  • How to make the most of the opportunity
  • Personal appearance and style

Specialist media training courses:

  • Crisis media training
  • Media awareness
  • Writing skills
  • Messaging workshops
  • Social media: Blogs, Pods and Twitter

Other media training services:

Media Training